I have worked with the Trauma Survivors Foundation on numerous events in the community, from feeding those less fortunate with ‘Fill the Bus’ to providing meals to those who keep us safe on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The members of the Foundation work tirelessly throughout the year to help those whose lives have been changed by traumatic experience. Whether it’s scholarships, emotional and therapeutic support or hands on community involvement - I have never witnessed a charity do more good or with such immediacy as TSF
— Paula Ryan / The Breakfast Blend on 103.7 WXCY

As an event producer, choosing the right partners is always the most difficult task for ensuring success. Dennis Carradin and the Trauma Survivors Foundation surpass every criterion that I have for the perfect partners. So much so that we decided to make them the exclusive charity partner for all Flight Entertainment events. Professional, knowledgeable, charitable and total team players
— Jon Schaffer / Flight Entertainment & Schaffer Sound
No one out there does what the Trauma Survivors Foundation do. They truly care. They make a positive impact and difference in our society. We are truly blessed to have this organization around.
— Matt Bowe / Alvini & Associates
Seeing first hand the difference Dennis Carradin the Trauma Survivors Foundation is making in the community is nothing short of incredible. The way in which they help people cope and recover from a traumatic experience restores faith in the goodness of our fellow citizens. This organization truly understands how to help in our deepest times of need. I am proud to be associated with them and call them my friends
— Anthony L. Petruccelli / 1847 Financial - 302 Phalanx Foundation
Working with the Trauma Survivors Foundation has been a great experience. Dennis Carradin is a stand up person who delivers everything he says he will. He goes above and beyond to help anyone in need. You don’t find many people or foundations like this around too often. Very happy to be working with Dennis and the Trauma Survivors Foundation.
— David Feldman / Taste of Your Town & XF Events
I thank you and all the Trauma Survivors Foundation for your unlimited hard work and opportunities. All my life, my biggest wish was to be in the same room with my favorite actor of all time filming a movie. It would be a bonus to actually meet Sylvester Stallone and shake his hand for the last 35 years of great movies and entertainment. I couldn’t take my eyes off Sly yesterday. I was thinking I’m still dreaming. I appreciate everything! You have no idea how this impacted my life. It’s so great!
— Bryan Lawhorn / Volunteer Extra for the Movie Creed 2
Rocky has been a huge part of my life growing up outside of Philadelphia. I’ve instilled the love we have for those movies in my kids and their cousins from the time they were little. It’s a great story for the city of Philadelphia and the people who grew up there. I graduated from the University of the Arts in 1996 with a Bachelors degree in film and can say that Rocky was one of my inspirations from childhood on. Just trying to keep that inspiration going with the next generation. I take all of the kids to the steps each year for a “Rocky Run”! Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in a film legacy that shaped my childhood.
— Jen Bazzanella / Volunteer Extra for the Movie Creed 2